18May 2017

Between 17 to 26  July 2017 “X. Certification of Experimental Animal Usage” will be held. click for Turkish information Dates: Registration Deadline: 14 July 2017 / 17: 00 Theoretical Courses: 17-21 July 2017 / 09:00 – 18:00 Practical Courses: :  22-26 July 2017 / 8: 30 – 18: 00 / Meditam Price: External: 850 TL Istanbul Medipol University and Hospital Members: 700 TL […]

16Apr 2017

12 April 2017, at 2 o’clock, Berin Karaman from Université Paris Descartes is going to be at REMER Seminar Room. What about topic of seminar? Silent information regulator 2 (Sir2) proteins, also named sirtuins (SIRTs) are promising therapeutic targets which have been linked to the pathogenesis of several diseases including metabolic disorders, neurodegeneration and cancer. During […]

07Feb 2017

7 February 2017, at 14 o’clock, Dr. Erkan Karabekmez from Istanbul University is going to be at REMER Seminar Room. What about topic of seminar? Next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology has led to an unrivaled explosion in the amount of genomic data and this escalation has collaterally raised the challenges of sharing, archiving, integrat- ing and analyzing these […]

17Oct 2016

Medipol University Genetic Diagnostic Center was launched in XII National Genetics Congress Istanbul Medipol University Genetic Diagnostic Center was launched in XII National Genetics Congress that took place in Izmir on 5-9th of October 2016. This is the congress with the highest attendance among Turkish genetics society. The Genetic Diagnostic Center that used the motto […]

21Sep 2016

The first B2B (Bench to Bedside) Prostate Cancer Meeting was held at Medipol Mega University Hospital in Istanbul. Besides of Prof. Dr. Jean de la Rosette who is the General Secretary of SIU, Prof. Dr. Sabahattin Aydin who is the Rector of Medipol University, Prof. Dr. Gurkan Ozturk who is the Director of Medipol University […]

21Sep 2016

42nd National Physiology Congress that was organised by Turkish Society of Physiological Sciences took place in Düzce University Congress Centre. The Congress hosted both national and international participants and began with Prof Dr Gürkan Öztürk’s photograph exhibition titled “Far Places, Wild Things”. Many oral presentations were made in the areas of Cell Physiology, Blood-Immune System, […]

21Sep 2016

Güzel research group represented Medipol REMER with five posters and one oral presentation in National Organic Chemistry Congress that took place in Trabzon. Assistant Professor Mustafa Güzel, who is a researcher in REMER and a faculty member of International Medical Faculty, represented Medipol University as an invited speaker together with poster presentations of the researchers […]

09Aug 2016

The 7th Animal Handling Certificate Program was held at 22-30 August, in MEDITAM with participation of 45 attedies. Besides basic lectures like biochemistry, physiology and histology of laboratory animals; holding techniques, trauma models,  blood and sample collection methods, vaginal smear testing, anesthesia, dissection and surgical technique practice lectures has been included in the experiments.

10Oct 2015

This year,  the theme of “Neuroscience From Cell to Behavior  Seminars” is the festive topic of “Plastic Brain.” The exiting program aims to bridge between different levels of research on neuroscience; bringing together various teams. Program includes 28 different interesting topics. We invite you to broaden your horizons on Mondays at 15:30 in Medipol University Kavacik […]

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