42nd National Physiology Congress that was organised by Turkish Society of Physiological Sciences took place in Düzce University Congress Centre. The Congress hosted both national and international participants and began with Prof Dr Gürkan Öztürk’s photograph exhibition titled “Far Places, Wild Things”.

Many oral presentations were made in the areas of Cell Physiology, Blood-Immune System, Cardiovascular Physiology, Respiratory Physiology, Neurophysiology/Neuroscience, Gastrointestinal Physiology, Genitourinary Physiology, Endocrine, Metabolism Physiology, Reproduction Physiology, Sport/Exercise Physiology, Electrophysiology, and Physiology Education in the Congress. REMER researchers also contributed to the Congress with their poster and oral presentations. Mustafa Çağlar Beker, a PhD student of Medipol REMER, won the Young Researcher Prize that is annually given in the Congress; while, Ahmet Burak Çağlayan received the Best Poster Prize.

Presentation Title

“Effects of Circadian Rhythm on Brain Injury and Related Molecular Mechanisims” Beker MC, Çağlayan AB, Keleştemur T, Çağlayan B, Yalçın E, Dalay A, Altunay S, Sertel E, Kılıç E. 42nd Turkish National Physiology Congress

“Role of Normobaric Oxygen treatment on Newborn Hypoxia-Ischemia” Keleştemur T, Beker MC, Çağlayan AB, Yalçın E, Altunay S, Dalay A, Sertel E, Dilden A, Çağlayan B, Kılıç E. 42nd Turkish National Physiology Congress

(Best Poster Prize)
“Effects of neurotrophic factors CDNF and MANF on brain plasticity and repair after brain ischemia” Caglayan AB, Beker MC, Caglayan B, Altunay S, Dalay A, Dilden A, Sertel E, Kelestemur T, Yalcin E, Kilic U, Saarma M, Kilic E. 42nd Turkish National Physiology Congress

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