Istanbul Medipol University Genetic Diagnostic Center was launched in XII National Genetics Congress that took place in Izmir on 5-9th of October 2016. This is the congress with the highest attendance among Turkish genetics society. The Genetic Diagnostic Center that used the motto “Your genes whisper to you something, We translate it” attracted the attention of participants.

Prof. Dr. Hakan Cangül, the director of the Genetic Diagnostic Center, introduced the scientific projects carried out in REMER and the tests performed in the Center including single gene disorders, chromosomal disorders, invasive/non-invasive prenatal diagnosis, multifactorial disorders, teratogenic abnormalities and tests regarding the prevention of congenital malformations with an unknown cause. Prof. Dr. Hakan Cangül commented that a fundamental infrastructure is required in Turkey for the genetics projects and routine examinations and that their Center stands for fulfilling this need according to international standards with their well-trained and experienced team. He also added that they could accept more than 600 genetic tests at the moment and they expected to break new ground by optimising over 1500 tests within a few years. They are planning to provide services across Turkey and abroad.

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