42nd National Physiology Congress that was organised by Turkish Society of Physiological Sciences took place in Düzce University Congress Centre. The Congress hosted both national and international participants and began with Prof Dr Gürkan Öztürk’s photograph exhibition titled “Far Places, Wild Things”. Many oral presentations were made in the areas of Cell Physiology, Blood-Immune System, […]

Güzel research group represented Medipol REMER with five posters and one oral presentation in National Organic Chemistry Congress that took place in Trabzon. Assistant Professor Mustafa Güzel, who is a researcher in REMER and a faculty member of International Medical Faculty, represented Medipol University as an invited speaker together with poster presentations of the researchers […]

The 7th Animal Handling Certificate Program was held at 22-30 August, in MEDITAM with participation of 45 attedies. Besides basic lectures like biochemistry, physiology and histology of laboratory animals; holding techniques, trauma models,  blood and sample collection methods, vaginal smear testing, anesthesia, dissection and surgical technique practice lectures has been included in the experiments.

July 18, 2016 at REMER Talks, Mehmet Kocak, Associate Professor of Biostatistics at the University of Tennessee Health Science Center is going to be at REMER. What about is topic of seminar? Scientific research, be it in sociology or phycology, or be it in medicine or epidemiology, has become more and more interdisciplinary, where experts […]

At the leading regenerative medicine research center in Turkey, REMER, heart tissue was created from patient – derived pluripotent stem cells that was generated by inducing patients’ blood cells to become, first embryonic-like stem cells and then to heart cells. Scientists believe that this patient-derived heart tissue will shed light into the understanding and diagnosis of hereditary heart diseases and will […]

13 May 2016, at REMER Talks, Dr. M. Furkan Burak from Harvard Medical School is going to be at REMER. What about is topic of seminar? The lipid chaperone aP2/FABP4 has been implicated in the pathology of many immunometabolic diseases, including diabetes in humans, but aP2 has not yet been targeted for therapeutic applications. aP2 […]

Several clinical observations point to an intricate crosstalk between iron (Fe) metabolism and chronic hepatitis C virus (HCV) infection. In this study, we wanted to investigate the molecular control that Fe levels exert on HCV replication at the hepatocyte level. In keeping with previous observations we confirmed that supra-physiological intracellular Fe induced by haemin treatment […]

Medipol University Regenerative and Restorative Medicine Research Center advisor, and Head Head of the Dental Materials Unit at University of Zurich,Switzerland Prof. Dr. Mutlu Ozcan was awarded the title of “Royal College Diplomat” by  the British Royal College. The title is awarded only once a year, and Ozcan is the first Turkis citizen who have […]

“Altered expression of micro-RNA 199a and increased levels of cardiac SIRT1 protein are associated with the occurrence of atrial fibrillation after coronary artery bypass graft surgery. ” Yamac AH, Kucukbuzcu S, Ozansoy M, Gok O, Oz K, Erturk M, Yilmaz E, Ersoy B, Zeybek R, Goktekin O, Kilic U.

In collaboration with Turkish Society of Physiological Science; 4th Neuron Culture Course will be held 26-29 March 2016 in Medipol University Kavacik Campus. Along with a fulfilling theoretical lecture program, the course offer hands on application on each step of Dorsal root ganglion cell culture protocol from microdissection to plating of cells and survival assays. Organization […]