We characterize structural and dynamical changes induced ondihydrofolate reductase (DHFR). We investigate the structural features of the mutant protein that allow it to survive natural selection. Mutants detected under selection pressure induced by the antibiotic trimethoprim (TMP) are studied. We investigate the structural features of DHFR that lead to catalytic activity while simultaneously casting out […]

Next generation sequencing (NGS) technology revolutionized the genomic analysis and systems biology research by producing vast amount data, millions of short reads per sequencing. The massiveness of data attracted researchers from various backgrounds in order to be tackled with. Many softwares utilizing new algorithms emerged in a very short period of time and allowed molecular […]

“Effects of normobaric oxygen and melatonin on reperfusion injury: role of cerebral microcirculation.” Mustafa C. Beker, Ahmet B. Caglayan, Taha Kelestemur, Berrak Caglayan, Esra Yalcin, Burak Yulug, Ulkan Kilic, Dirk M. Hermann and Ertugrul Kilic

9th Cellular Neuroscience Meeting will be held at 29-30 November with the collaboration of the Neuroscience Society of Turkey and Istanbul Medipol University. The meeting has been held for five years now and it is an opportunity to share the field experience, network and enhance collaborative studies. The meeting will take place at İstanbul Medipol […]

This year,  the theme of “Neuroscience From Cell to Behavior  Seminars” is the festive topic of “Plastic Brain.” The exiting program aims to bridge between different levels of research on neuroscience; bringing together various teams. Program includes 28 different interesting topics. We invite you to broaden your horizons on Mondays at 15:30 in Medipol University Kavacik […]

30 October 2015 at REMER Talks, well known Stem Cell and Cancer Researcher Khalid Shah from Harvard Medical School is going to be at REMER / Medipol Univesity. Dr. Shah is a Associate Professor, Harvard Medical School. Head of Molecular Neurotherapy and Imaging Laboratory, Director of Stem Cell Therapeutics and Imaging Progra and Department of […]

We are proud to announce that the Zeiss EVO HD SEM is all unpacked and running in our facility. The first training was held with Dr. Geertje Ganskow from Zeiss, covering a wide introduction to Scanning Electron Microscopy, followed by the use of the SE detector to visualise surface detail, the VPSE detector for variable […]

Magnetic fluids are fluids with suspended nano-sized magnetic particles. They can be suspended in hydrophilic or hydrophobic environments depending on the surface modification. Their magnetic core allows these particles to be manipulated in their continuous medium, hence lend them in several applications ranging from bioseparations to drug delivery. Their size and morphology govern their magnetic […]

Director of REMER Professor Gurkan Ozturk attended a meeting this week in Mexico City within the scope of scientific collaboration between Mexico and Turkey. He delivered a speech about Medipol University and current research in REMER in a program organised by TUBITAK with the partnership of its Mexican equivalent Conacyt. As the main objective of […]