HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor rosuvastatin improves abnormal brain electrical activity via mechanisms involving eNOS Seker, F.B.,  Kilic, U.,  Caglayan, B.,  Ethemoglu, M.S.,  Caglayan, A.B.,  Ekimci, N.,  Demirci, S.,  Dogan, A.,  Oztezcan, S.,  Sahin, F.,  Yilmaz, B.,  Kilic, E.

The fascinating Mexican salamender or better known as the Axolotl is a neotanic salamender species with amazing wound healing and regeneration capabilities. Lacking a usual metamorphosis to a terrestrial animal, they stay at an aquatic and highly regenerative adulthood. Coming from a long way, they are now avaliable in MEDITAM facility (one and only facility […]

HMG-CoA reductase inhibition promotes neurological recovery, peri-lesional tissue remodeling, and contralesional pyramidal tract plasticity after focal cerebral ischemia Kilic, E.,  Reitmeir, R.,  Kilic, Ü.,  Caglayan, A.B.,  Beker, M.C.,  Kelestemur, T.,  Ethemoglu, M.S.,  Ozturk, G.,  Hermann, D.M.