Regenerative and Restorative Research Center team joined Effective and Multidisciplinary Project Development Training organized by Medipol University  Technology Transfer Office. In this training, topics need attention to prepare effective projects for TUBITAK and the European Union were discussed . Also Prof. Gürkan Öztürk had a lecture about designing scientific projects.

Bio-Rad product manager Jerzy Jankowsky was our guest this week to give a special lecture on the technical capabilities and wide range of research possibilities the Next Generation Chromatography  (NGC) System provides. The system is avaliable in REMER, and it is used for detailed analysis of biological samples. It offers multiple system configurations, and is […]

The second one of our Neuron Culture Course was held on 3-6 February in Kavacık Campus with the participation of 20 researchers from several universities. Along with a fulfilling theoretical lecture program, the course offered hands on application on each step of Dorsal root ganglion cell culture protocol from microdissection to plating of cells and […]

This week in Brain Blooming Session, Assistant Professor Aytekin AKYOL from Hacettepe University was our guest.He gave out a inspirational presentation on the molecular mechanisms of colorectal cancer along with a Q&A session. Professor Akyol holds an M.D from Hacettepe university Medical Pathology department and worked as a researcher in Michigan University between 2001-2007. His […]

HMG-CoA reductase inhibitor rosuvastatin improves abnormal brain electrical activity via mechanisms involving eNOS Seker, F.B.,  Kilic, U.,  Caglayan, B.,  Ethemoglu, M.S.,  Caglayan, A.B.,  Ekimci, N.,  Demirci, S.,  Dogan, A.,  Oztezcan, S.,  Sahin, F.,  Yilmaz, B.,  Kilic, E.

The fascinating Mexican salamender or better known as the Axolotl is a neotanic salamender species with amazing wound healing and regeneration capabilities. Lacking a usual metamorphosis to a terrestrial animal, they stay at an aquatic and highly regenerative adulthood. Coming from a long way, they are now avaliable in MEDITAM facility (one and only facility […]

HMG-CoA reductase inhibition promotes neurological recovery, peri-lesional tissue remodeling, and contralesional pyramidal tract plasticity after focal cerebral ischemia Kilic, E.,  Reitmeir, R.,  Kilic, Ü.,  Caglayan, A.B.,  Beker, M.C.,  Kelestemur, T.,  Ethemoglu, M.S.,  Ozturk, G.,  Hermann, D.M.