Assist. Prof. Cüneyd Parlayan

Dr. Cuneyd Parlayan obtained his undergraduate Honors Bachelor of Science degree from University of Toronto in 2008. During his undergraduate degree, he participated many extracurricular activities such as student representative of Human biology student union, executive member of Turkish Student Association (TSA), team leader of U of T outreach volunteering program etc. Dr. Parlayan completed “Human Biology” major and sociology and history minors. He pursued his graduate studies in Japan as a Japanese government scholar (MEXT scholar) in Tokyo Medical and Dental University. In his masters, he focused on RNA biology, splicing and anti-viral drug development in Prof. Masatoshi Hagiwara`s Gene expression and functional genetics laboratory. For his doctorate, he focused on bioinformatics on cancer genetics and cancer epidemiology and completed his Ph.D. degree in 2014. During his graduate studies, he held vice-president and president positions in Japan Turkish Student Association (JTSA) and he was one of the founders of largest international student confederation  (Confederation of International Student Associations-CISA) in Japan.  Then, he worked as a researcher in National Cancer Center in Tokyo in pharmacoproteomics and rare cancer research  laboratories. He was involved in database construction, omics, and translational bioinformatics, biomarker discovery for cancer during his post-doctorate research.

  His research interests: Omics, drug discovery by using omics, personalized & precision medicine, bioinformatics