Assist. Prof. Turan Demircan


Dr. Turan Demircan graduated from Middle East Technical University Molecular Biology and Genetics Department in 2007. He pursued his Master of Science studies at the same university and obtained his MSc degree in Biochemistry in 2009. During his master studies, he focused on Gene Silencing in plants via viruses (VIGS). Then he moved to Netherlands for PhD studies and he received his PhD degree from ‘Hubrecht Institute for Stem Cell Research’ in 2013. During his graduate studies, he worked on invertebrate flatworm model to explore functional transcriptomics and key factors that have roles in regeneration. He worked as a postdoctoral fellow in Oxford University and he was involved in projects with the goal of expanding genome editing toolbox. Currently, he is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Medical Biology of Istanbul Medipol University School of Medicine.

Research interests: Dr. Demircan’s major research interest is understanding the molecular mechanisms of regeneration. To elucidate the key players in regeneration, he is planning to utilize Axolotl as a model organism. Astonishing regeneration capacity of Axolotls makes them excellent organisms to address regeneration related questions. Transcriptomics, proteomics and functional genomics will be employed to broaden our current understanding on regeneration. Another goal of Demircan lab is to establish gene correction based therapeutic medical applications. Rare skin diseases will be the main focus of gene therapy researches.