Berrak Çağlayan

Holds a BSc degree in Molecular Biology and Genetics from Boğaziçi University and an MSc degree in Biotechnology from Yeditepe University. She completed her Master’s thesis in Genetics and Bioengineering Department, working on neuronal differentiation of PC12 cells.

She is currently a 3rd-year PhD student, working on regulation of protein aggregates and aggresomes in neurons under stress conditions. She is also in charge of Molecular Biology laboratories.

Selected Publications;

  • Seker FB, Kilic U, Ekimci N, Ethemoglu MS, Caglayan B, Demirci S, Dogan A, Oztezcan S, Sahin F, Yılmaz B, Kilic E. (2014) HMG-CoA reductase inhibition ameliorates brain epileptiform activity, improves blood-brain barrier integrity and effects gene expression profiling: Role of eNOS and cerebral hemodynamic. Submitted
  • Kandemir B, Caglayan B, Hausott B, Erdogan B, Dag U, Demir O, Savasan Sogut M, Klimaschewski L, Aksan Kurnaz I. (2014) Frontiers Mol Neuroscience PEA3 transcription factor promotes neurite outgrowth.
  • Us D, Berk B, Gurdal E, Aytekin N, Kocagoz T, Caglayan B, Aksan Kurnaz I, Demir Erol D. (2010) Turk. J. Chem Mannich base derivatives of 3-hydroxy-6- methyl-4H-pyran-4-one with antimicrobial activity.
  • Us D, Gurdal E, Berk B, Oktem S, Kocagoz T, Caglayan B, Aksan Kurnaz I, Demir Erol D. (2009) Turk. J. Chem 4H-Pyran-4-one derivatives:; leading molecule for preparation of compounds with antimycobacterial potential.

Akgün H, Berk B, Demir Erol D, Mercanoğlı G, Bayrak ÖF, Caglayan B, Dedeağac A and Aksan Kurnaz I. (2008) Turk J Chem Nitric Oxide Releasing Derivatives of [(2-Chloroethyl)ureido] Benzoic Acid Esters as Potential Antineoplastic Agents