Fatma Girgin

She holds her Bachelor’s of Psychology from Dogus University, having graduated with a GPA 3.78. She has graduated with a rank the top. During her time in Dogus University she worked on “ Theory of Mind in Adults and Its Relevance to Analytic and Automatic Process”. She has completed four summer session courses at University of California, Berkeley. Furthermore, She has graduated philosophy department and obtained a master degree in political science from Galatasaray University. She has also a second master degree on education of philosophy and psychology at Istanbul University.

She is a graduate student at the Cognitive Rehabilitation Lab under the supervision of Prof Dr Lütfü Hanoğlu. Her interests are in the cognitive processes of memory, attention, language, and learning. Much of her research focuses on adults with neurodegenerative disorders and investigates:

– the nature of the underlying cognitive deficits, and

-how these deficits can be ameliorated with either cognitive rehabilitation or educational interventions.

–  differences and effectiveness cognitive rehabilitation techniques with other treatment methods such as TMS, tDCS