Hoffman Modulation and Femto – Jet Micro-injection System

Hoffman Microscobe In optical microscopy, Hoffman modulation contrast (HMC) is a technique for enhancing the contrast in unstained transparent biological specimens.
This is achieved by using components in the light path which convert phase gradients into variations in light intensity. Specimens thus illuminated have a 3D appearance which renders them more easily visible.
Femto Jet used for the injection of liquids in the volume range from femtoliters to microliters. he external pressure supply guarantees the permanent availability of higher injection pressures. Programmable injection parameters ensure high reproducibility. The proven operating concept enables intuitive and time-saving handling
The FemtoJet express was specially developed for requirements in the fields of developmental biology and “functional genomics“. Therefore, it is perfectly suited for microinjection into small organisms or embryos in an early stage of development.