Synapt G2-Si High Definition Mass Spectrometry

SYNAPT provides the most complete characterization of complex mixtures and molecules with unique levels of MS performance, industry leading informatics and unparalleled platform versatility.

  • Superior separation with high-efficiency T-Wave IMS
  • Ultimate UPLC/MS/MS performance
  • Data independent & data dependant T-Wave IMS solutions
  • CID and ETD fragmentation capabilities
  • Wide range of experimental options

Superior separation with high-efficiency T-Wave IMS

Retention. Mobility. Mass. Chromatography and mass resolution are not enough. With high-efficiency T-Wave ion mobility, there is an additional dimension of separation, based on molecular size and shape. The unique ability to use the collision cross section property of a molecule delivers the highest levels of selectivity, specificity, sensitivity and structural insight. The wide range of benefits feature isomer separation, elimination of interferences, generation of cleaner spectra and even the ability to better confirm compound ID.

CID and ETD Fragmentation Capabilities

The dual collision cell arrangement of TriWave enhances MS/MS possibilities, by providing Collision Induced Dissociation (CID) and/or Electron Transfer Dissociation (ETD) fragmentation with high resolution and accurate mass measurements.

Application Areas:

  • Metabolomics
  • Lipidomics
  • Protein Expression analysis
  • PTM analysis
  • Intact mas analysis
  • Biopharmaceutical drug analysis