BD Influx Cell Sorter with Bioprotect IV Safety Cabinet

Flow Cytometry is a laser-based technique that analysis cell population in suspension. Flow Cytometry analysis can simultanously detect several biochemical parameters at rates up to thousands of cells per second.
The BD Influx Sorter has 5 lasers (355nm, 405nm, 488nm, 561nm, 640nm) that can detect up to 14 colors with a maximum of 16 parameters.
The BD Influx Sorter can sort up to 6 selected populations. Sorted cells may be collected into a variety of tubes or plates.
-Analytical Applications
1)Multicolor analysis
2)Cellular kinetics and physiological cellular responses.
3)Cell cycle analysis (DNA,RNA content)
-Cell Sorting
Cells can be deposited into tubes or 96 well plates.