Xevo TQ-S with ACQUITY UPLC M-Class System and IonKeyMS

Designed for the most demanding quantitative UPLC/MS/MS applications. The ultimate in tandem quadrupole performance allows unrivalled sensitivity and robustness.

  • Class leading sensitivity and robustness.
  • Qualitative information
  • Accelerated method development for sensitive and robust methods.
  • The wide range of ionization capabilities

Class leading sensitivity and robustness

The innovative StepWave ion guide, delivers the highest levels of sensitivity and robustness. The Xevo TQ-S enables the lowest detection limits to be achieved for the most challenging analyses, whilst maintaining instrument up time, due to the innovative active separation of ions from neutrals.

Qualitative information when you need it most

With its unique collision cell, Xevo TQ-S enables you to better address your analytical needs with the option to operate in ScanWave enhanced product ion scanning mode. This mode enables you to more easily confirm the identities and structures of your analytes of interest, at the low concentrations required

Application Areas:

  • Targeted Proteomics
  • Metabolite quantitation in biological samples
  • Drug impurity analysis
  • Pesticide screening
  • Trace molecule analysis