3 May 2019

Alert / Frontiers in Cellular Neuroscience

Acute and Post-acute Neuromodulation Induces Stroke Recovery by Promoting Survival Signaling, Neurogenesis, and Pyramidal Tract Plasticity Ahmet B. Caglayan, Mustafa C. Beker, Berrak Caglayan, Esra Yalcin, Aysun Caglaya, Burak Yulug, Lutfu Hanoglu, Selim […]
2 April 2019

Alert / Nature Communication

Primary tumor-induced immunity eradicates disseminated tumor cells in syngeneic mouse model Raziye Piranlioglu, EunMi Lee, Maria Ouzounova, Roni J. Bollag, Alicia H. Vinyard1, Ali S. Arbab1, […]
19 March 2019

REMER Talks / Common Molecular Pathways

19 March, at 14 o’clock, Dr. Hakan Coskun from Instituto de Neurociencias  is going to be at REMER Seminar Room. Who’s Dr. Hakan Coskun?
18 March 2019

Open Position / Fay Magnusson

Fay Magnusson obtained her PhD in Immunology in 2008 from Paul Sabatier University in Toulouse, France, under the guidance of Pr. Roland Liblau in France and […]
6 March 2019

Alert / eLIFE

Species-specific maturation profiles of human, chimpanzee and bonobo neural cells Maria C Marchetto, Branka Hrvoj-Mihic, Bilal E Kerman, Diana X Yu, Krishna C Vadodaria, Sara B […]
5 March 2019

Alert / European Polymer Journal

Bioinspired Scaffold Induced Regeneration of Neural Tissue Esra Altun, Mehmet O. Aydogdu, Sine O. Togay, Ahmet Z. Sengil, Nazmi Ekren, Merve E. Haskoylu, Ebru T. Oner, Nese A. Altuncu, Gurkan Ozturk, Maryam Crabbe-Mann, Jubair Ahmed, Oguzhan Gunduz, Mohan Edirisinghe Abstract In the last decade, nerve tissue engineering has attracted much attention […]
4 March 2019

Special Visit / The President of TÜBİTAK

The  President of TÜBİTAK Prof. Hasan MANDAL visited REMER in Medipol University. The President was welcomed by the Director of REMER Prof. Dr. Gürkan Öztürk and REMER […]
9 January 2019

REMER Talks / Cancer Drug Discovery with Artificial Intelligence

07 Jan, at 16 o’clock, Dr. Muratcan Çobanoğlu from UT Southwestern Medical Center is going to be at REMER Seminar Room.
9 January 2019

Brain Blooming / Mass Spectrometry

17 Dec, at 15 o’clock, Prof. Dr. Talat Yalçın from İzmir Yüksek Teknoloji Enstitüsü is going to be at REMER Seminar Room. Who’s Dr. Talat Yalçın? […]
  • New Projects / A histological atlas of the tissues and organs of neotenic and metamorphosed axolotl