Biomaterials and Translational Dental Research Laboratory

“Biomaterials and Translational Dental Research Laboratory”, located on the 2nd floor of the C Block at Kavacık Campus, occupies an area of over 100 m2. With joint-use core facilities, we provide services for a wide range of research investigations to faculty and students of all disciplines of Dental, Medical and Engineering Departments. The laboratory currently maintains instrumentation primarily for biomechanical tests (i.e., tensile, shear, compression, fatigue, torque according to ISO and DIN norms), optical and surface characterization of biomaterials, and facilities a great variety of tests on adhesion. Other supporting facilities are also accessible at the REMER laboratories.

Micro-Hardness Tester (Shimadzu, HMV-GV21,Japan)


Universal Testing Machine (Shimadzu Autograph AGS-X, Japan)


Spectrophotometer (Konica-Minolta CM 3600A, Japan)


Grinding-Polishing Machines (Presi, Mecatech Z34, France)


Glossmeter (Konica-Minolta Multi Gloss 268Plus, Japan)


Precision High-speed Diamond Saw (Presi, Mecatome T180, France)